UK tour with Grey Hairs

We’re hopping on a plane later today to fly to Manchester to start our first UK tour. We couldn’t be more thrilled. Unless we can get some extra legroom and a couple of free drinks on the flight, of course.

Even more exciting is that we’re playing all the shows with our mates* Grey Hairs and in each city the local band is a complete rip-roaring, roustabout, rock’n’roll rager.

See schedule and links below and please, Horsemouth, hop in yer hooptie and hit the gig early for all three groups. Put the DI in DIY, slim!

May 15, 2018
The Peer Hat
with Grey Hairs, Salt the Snail

May 16, 2018
The Hug and Pint
with Grey Hairs, Jutland Songs

May 17, 2018
The Cumberland Arms
with Grey Hairs, The Unit Ama

May 18, 2018
The Maze
with Grey Hairs, Slumb Party

May 19, 2018
New River Studios
with Grey Hairs, Sweet Williams

And that lovely poster above, designed by the tremendous Portuguese shapeshifter, Bráulio Amado, and hand-screened by the good people at I Dress Myself will be for sale each night until they run out. Get one, frame it, and hang it in your kitchen so you can tell future guests, “I was there!” Or just let it gather dust in your closet like everyone else does.

Speaking of our man Bráulio, he recently designed a series of three beautiful posters for our shows with The Messthetics last month. Two of those shows were with the top tier taco truckers and riff riddlers Sunwatchers, who you need to see or see again and again. Anyway, we have a few of these split fountain prints left, so if you dig the images below and want one, please contact us through our Facebook page (words we look forward to not having to write sometime in the future) and we’ll sort something out.

And if you’re still with us, here’s our most recent 7″ to listen to. It was released by Czech charmer and Orangerie operator, Mr. “Doc” Martin.

Once you’re done with that, feel free to listen along to our airplane snacks & card games playlist:

Lastly, if you’ve really got nothing better to do, here’s a slapdash video we assembled for “Christo’s Peers,” the 4th cut on last year’s Cut-Ups:

*”Mates,” as you may know, is British slang for “a pair of birds or other animals,” which is a little awkward because “birds” can also mean “shorty” and “animals” might be a reference to the 10th studio album by a once hugely popular stadium rock band on which the first track is “Pigs on the Wing.”