Bonkers? No, bananas!

New video! Pull up your bean bag and a bowl of dried mangos, friends, because this is cinema, SAVAK-style!

Directed by our √úbermensch . . . Robert D. Kassabian, who has also done great videos for earlier tunes like “Cold Ocean,” “Vis-A-Vis,” “I Wanna Exist,” and “Door Deals & Debt.

We had a fun day with Rob and Cameron Dingwall and we knew things were going well when a guy yelled “Grow up!” at us from his car, speeding down Eastern Parkway like all grownups do.

Look for a cameo by the star of our “Cold Ocean” video. That’s right, Walker Slim is baaaaaaaaaack!

Thanks to Nick Sewell for help with the color treatment and general technical knowledge that we couldn’t find in the Rock Videos For Dummies handbook.