Faces Made For The Radio!

Ahoy, frenz! It has been a ridiculously long absence. Hopefully you have remained healthy and curious in this time spent apart. We’ve managed to click and clack on our various social media accounts while leaving this perfectly good lawn unattended. So we’ll be posting a few things in somewhat rapid succession just to tidy up the primrose and foxglove a bit…

Firstly, Mr. Rogers, we need to button our buttons and change our shoes, as we are thrilled to let you know we’ll be playing a live set on WFMU’s Evan “Funk” Davies show tomorrow, Wednesday, April 13. The program is on from noon to 3pm ET, so please do consider tuning in to 91.1 and 91.9 fm in New Jersey and New York City . . . or at 90.1 and 91.9 fm in the Hudson Valley . . . or online at wfmu.org

We’ll be playing lots of tunes from the new album, Human Error / Human Delight, which is officially out this Friday, April 15, on our label, Peculiar Works, with heavy assistance from Ernest Jenning Record Co. and Geenger Records. You can snag a copy of the snazzy splatter vinyl version via Bandcamp.