January shows + new French 7″!

Hey there! First off, here’s a playlist of all the musical links below — not to worry, no actual links to musicals! Whew…

Happy new year. If you’re reading this, you survived. Salute a teacher and salute yourself because we’re here despite what felt like and continues to feel like being under constant attack from what can only be the dumbest humanoids our species has yet to produce. Dumb and cruel. What a terrible combination! Who crossbred the cane toads with the saltwater crocodiles?? For those who fight publicly on behalf of others, we thank you. For the rest of us who quietly continue to try to knock out a sense of normalcy, worry about day to day tasks, get lunch together for our youth before they leave for school, enjoy the light chat with the kid behind the counter at the corner store where we grab a coffee and pet the deli cat, think about applying for a new job or wonder what will be asked of us at our performance review, find refuge in the absurd, relief in the mundane, solitude in a poetry collection left in the building laundry room by a forgetful neighbor, lose ourselves in counting the seconds between the dings of the elevator bell as each floor is announced, hope the clang of the radiator won’t wake us tonight and maybe we’ll get to sleep in, not check our phones for new messages in the middle of the night when we get up to go to the bathroom. For you, for us… we’ve written a couple of new songs. And the lovely folks at Modern City in Lyon, France have pressed them up as a 7″ on translucent light green vinyl with a cover that sports embossed silver foil and slight art variations in nearly each copy. Limited to 300, which is about 1/3 of the number of people in my high school graduating class. Maybe seven of whom would consider these tunes anything other than an interruption, like the honk of some old fashioned horn on a car that you can’t believe still exists. Rock’n’roll. Yesterday’s parts. Tomorrow’s reconstruction. Gimme volume. Gimme a drone. Gimme a strap to hang onto for the morning commute.

What else? We’re excited about our first shows of 2018. Three of them in a row, ensuring that by the time we get to D.C. our guitar strings will be on the verge of breaking and our voices might carry a slight rasp, but our willingness to consume bottom shelf spirits will be fully galvanized. Playing is always fun, but particularly so when the other bands are ones we’re excited about. The Effects, who we did our first tour ever with back in Summer 2015 (actually not that long ago, so this is not as impressive as initially suggested by the use of the phrase, “our first tour ever…”), have a great new album out on Dischord called Eyes to the Light and we can’t wait to see them play “New Isolation” and “Anchors Aweigh.” Patois Counselors are from Charlotte, North Carolina and we’ve been obsessed with them since we heard their killer 7″. And we have lots of questions for them, like “Have you any suggestions for newbies or scholars?” and “Do any of you have an extra copy of Antiseen’s The Drastic EP we might relieve you of on the cheap?”

~Hi Tide presents~
January 18, 2018
Brooklyn, NY
with The Effects, Patois Counselors, Big Quiet
$8 adv/$10 door
buy tickets

~Unregistered Nurse Booking presents~
January 19, 2018
Baltimore, MD
with The Effects, Patois Counselors

~Sasha Lord presents~
January 20, 2018
Washington, D.C.
Comet Ping Pong
with The Effects, Patois Counselors

That’s it for now. Thanks for giving us your time, your ears, your willingness to engage with those of us working in the margins. Until soon, amigos…