March-hausen By Proxy

Being in a band is funny. You try to do stuff. You know, *important* stuff. But, really, it’s only rock’n’roll and there’s actual stuff in the world that’s actually important. Family, friends, felines, maybe a frisée salad with poached egg? Anyway, we’re desperately trying to finish LP2 and are practicing some of these new riff-clusters so we can get them into the ears of strangers and comrades alike ASAP. Like maybe when we play these two shows in a couple of weeks:

SAVAK + Lake Ruth + Gold Muse
(plus DJ Slist)
Union Hall
702 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
$8, 8:30 pm
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Gold Muse + SAVAK +Lake Ruth
(plus DJ Bad Squirrel)
ONCE Lounge
156 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143
$8/$12, 8 pm
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Both shows are with Lake Ruth and Gold Muse. The former shares some members with SAVAK, though ostensibly spearheaded by The New Lines‘ Hewson Chen and The Eighteenth Day Of May‘s Allison Brice, and the latter is a Boston-based groop featuring members of Swirlies, Soccer Mom and Broken River Prophet. Humans making music for humans. So get up offa that computer and shuffle around the old folks home with us.

Hey, if’n ya haven’t heard … our very own “Jimmy” James “Clams” “Thumpa Thumpa da Bass” Canty is hard at work, relearning songs he played in The Make-Up, as they’re doing a bunch of shows later this year. Look out for that wonderment coming to a festival near the outskirts of your town. They will make you dance and cry, which is a heckuva combo.

Last and, okay, maybe least … Sohrab (that’s me) is playing in a Replacements tribute thing at HiFi in Manhattan on Thursday, March 30. The band includes fellas from Radio 4 and Garden Variety and the guest singers have names that rhyme with Will Sheff, Eric Davidson, Mikey Post, and Marcellus Hall. Or so says the Internet. Should be fun and it can’t possibly be worse than at least 1/3 of real shows by The Replacements, right?

All moxie, no proxy.