Tour poster! Tour shirt! Tour!!

Are we excited to go to Europe? To quote our friend Scott, “What kind of question is that?” And we’ve lucked out in that some extra fine artists have designed various posters and ephemera for us. Check out this beautiful placard for our show in Zagreb with Mike Watt. Yes, that Mike Watt. We’re beyond thrilled to be playing three shows on this tour with him and his excellent Italian greyhounds. We’re also heating up some omelettes with Milemarker in Prague and Munich, for which the stoke factor was jacked.

Mike Watt show poster

Then there’s this exquisite design, which is from the brain/hands/collective goodness of “Ronny McDonny” Darko Kujundžić. He will be person-ing our merch booth every night, greeting young and old, the healthy and infirm … and hopefully you. He has a warm smile and firm handshake and will sweet talk you out of a few extra Euros, we hope.

European Landing tour poster

Despite our hardcore roots, it’s been a few years since we were shirtless at a show. Without presuming the same about you, feel free to darken the venue doors as you see fit. And if it means wanting to cover up before you head home, may we suggest this lovely yellow tee with a sassy image of Godzilla playing a guitar? Something to consider from our inky pal, Paul Clark

European Landing tour shirt

Anyway, hope to see you at the gig! If’n you’re wondering the where to that what, peruse this handy post from the good folks at Brooklyn Vegan.

Until soon, amigos …