Video Killed the Radio Star

Do you like rock videos? Do you ever actually make it to the end of the song? Well, we’ve got two of ’em, so give it a shot!


The esteemed Mr. Paul Clark drew, animated and directed all the nuttiness for “Alive in Shadows,” which Noisey/VICE called, “a black and white cartoon phantasmagoria that’s akin to Raymond Pettibon being fellated by Walt Disney’s detached frozen head.” Wrap your frying pan around that!



About this eyeball nugget that Alexis Fleisig directed & edited for “Call it a Night,” MAGNET magazine wrote, “A Fidel Castro-esque figure watches the band on a black-and-white TV in a mobile home while flipping through a personnel file; after placing a phone call, he possibly receives his own comeuppance.” And with that we’d like to draw your Pauline Kael’s to the stellar performance by Johnny “Jack Palance” Sarkis.