Pacific Northwest shows this week!

It has been since the year 2018 that we last scraped our boots on the sidewalks of Seattle and Portland, both top shelf toe-tapping rock’n’roll villages. And we’ve yet to measure the door widths of Bellingham or Olympia with our feline-like whiskers, so that’ll be a delightful first!

All of this jumbo-sized mumbo/mambo/mofongo is to say, Hey! PNW-erzzz! We are coming to eat your crumpets and empty your chalices of that mead you’ve been brewing! And we are lucky to be in the fine company of Seattle’s friendliest eardrum breakers, Wild Powwers, for ALL the shows. Also note that in Portland we will be making a Slang sammy with Wild Powwers, which we are already drooling over. That’s right, Theeeeeee Slang, the Real Slang, the Slang that slings all others slangs to the dustbin of those who’ve been slung and are never to sling another slong again. Long may ye retain your Slang-dom, mighty Authentic Slang.*

Check it out:

THU, OCT 6 – Bellingham – The Shakedown
with Wild Powwers & Cat Valley

FRI, OCT 7 – Seattle – The Sunset
with Wild Powwers & Strugglers

SAT, OCT 8 – Olympia – Cryptatropa Bar
with Wild Powwers & Illusion Dweller
Tickets at the door

SUN, OCT 9 – Portland – The Six (Under Midnight)
with Wild Powwers & Slang

Let’s boogie! Let’s eat, drink, and buy records/books!

*There’s a DJ in LA (of course) who uses the SAVAK moniker. When we started we were like, eh, nobody will mistake him for us. Whoops! We still have to remind digital distributors of this somewhat regularly. Not a big deal. Would be funnier if weren’t also a slight hassle. Anyway, Slang, you’re not alone. Woe is s/he who can’t vanquish his/her doppelgänger.