EU Tour! New EP!

The circumference of the earth is 24,901 miles. Eratosthenes calculated a reasonable approximation of this in 240 B.C., which is pretty impressive given he basically used shadows to figure it out. I bring this up for two reasons: 1. I was going to write that we are on the cusp of traveling halfway around the earth, but that’s just not true—Kyiv is 4,664 miles from New York City, which means we’re only going about 1/5 of the way around this shivering hazelnut. 2. On tour you often have to make an effort to catch the shadow of the midday sun, as it is a nighttime business which we conduct, and the bulk of calculations being made involve how to best make use of the drink tickets over the course of the evening. Playing rock’n’roll, much like the angle of repose, is about how far you can dip before you actually slump. It’s lifestyle geometry.

Anyway, we’re thrilled, delighted, feverish, fired up and tickled pink to share the following dates with you, so please do motivate yourself to step into the night with us. It’ll be grand, we promise.

June 12
w/ Pree Tone & Almaz

June 13
w/ Van Urst

June 14
w/ Scott Ritcher

June 15
Kafe Kult
w/ Neighborhood Brats & Gulag Beach

June 16
w/ J. Marinelli & Zabloudil(a)

June 17
Kabinet múz
w/ Pulsar & J. Marinelli

June 18
w/ Cocaine Piss

June 19
Klub RE

June 20

June 21

June 22
Mišmaš Festival

We should have some records, t-shirts and plenty of good will to keep the doors open until last call. And feel free to besmirch the merch booth with tales of your recent maladies. Our motto is Big Ears, No Sneers.

Meanwhile there’s nothing quite like a post from yesterday to tell you about something coming tomorrow, which is to say we have a new EP that’ll be out this fall… but there’s a track from it online now called “Carolina Light.” Most times bands talking about their own lyrics is a big ol’ tacky no-no, but Jaws sings this one, so I’ll go ahead and say that this song speaks to a particular warp in the not-so-funhouse mirror that is our country at the moment and in particular I dig his couplet, “You can’t change my identity. I just want to exist.” For those interested in more info about what’s happening in various states regarding LGBTQ issues, check out this map.

By the by, all the links in those first 2 graphs are for songs, streaming freestyle in my mind, brother, but if you dislike clicking on 20 different what-so’s, here’s the whole sheblam in a one-stop-spooty-foo playlist:

Until soon, frenz… live long and pester!