EU tour with The Poison Arrows

Hola! Next Friday, October 27, our new album, Cut-Ups, will officially be out in the world. Have ya heard the previews? Seen the videos? Regardless, barely a week later we’ll be heading to Europe to celebrate an old pal’s birthday, collect stamps in our passports, and visit a handful of the finest dining establishments on the continent. Also we will play music in pants that we likely will have worn for several days in a row. Sorry in advance for that. If you live near one of the cities on the poster above or perhaps are visiting the area while on sabbatical, please do join us for some proper rock’n’roll. The sweaty kind where the songs are played a touch too fast and mistakes are made, but nobody really cares because why would you when you’re having a solid night out with friends? This is also an opportunity for you to see top shelf Chicago, Illinois trio, The Poison Arrows. These guys know what they’re doing. And if you’re looking at them, asking yourself, “Why does that fella look so familiar?” it’s because they’ve been in other outfits. Clothes and bands both. If any of the following letter combinations are familiar to you, the answer to your question is located herein: Atombombpocketknife, Don CaballeroPink Avalanche. So peruse the following info, click on the linky bits and come hang. Oh, and if you saw us with Pinback recently, you might know that we have Matthew Taylor playing bass and Alexis Fleisig posting to his incredible Instagram account from behind the drum kit. Those düdes play in Bellini together and have been kind enough to take their busman’s holiday in 4/4 with us while The Colonel checks his Holy Fuck emails to confirm their tour plans and Clams struts his suit with The Make-Up and Ted Leo‘s Cosmetologists. Additionally, we’d be remiss not to tell you about Matthew’s other-other band, Monotrope, who have a monster of a record coming out on November 10. Okay, time for the aforementioned Lancelots … links, that is:

November 6, 2017
Brno, CZ
Kabinet múz
with The Poison Arrows

November 7, 2017
Zagreb, HR
with The Poison Arrows

November 8, 2017
Bologna, IT
Freakout Club
with The Poison Arrows, Cani dei Portici

November 9, 2017
Genova, IT
Teatro Altrove
with The Poison Arrows

November 10, 2017
Lyon, FR
with The Poison Arrows, Monplaisir

November 11, 2017
Besançon, FR
Les Passagers du Zinc
with The Poison Arrows, Old Seed

November 12, 2017
Karlsruhe, DE
Substage Café
with The Poison Arrows, French Nails

November 13, 2017
Berlin, DE
with The Poison Arrows

November 14, 2017
Prague, CZ
Klub 007
with The Poison Arrows

As soon as we return from this trip, but before the food coma or jet lag set in, we’ll be playing two shows with San Diego downstroke hunks and Sub Pop Records‘ better-late-than-never, silver lining signing, Hot Snakes! You can find us at the bar, downing Metamucil mojitos with those fine champs & chums.

November 16, 2017
Brooklyn, NY
The Bell House
with Hot Snakes, Piggies

November 17, 2017
Cambridge, MA
The Middle East
with Hot Snakes

And in December we’ll be back at The Bell House for a tribute to Dayton’s all time greatest noisemakers, Brainiac. The show is with Girls Against Boys and The Heist, which will include some pretty impressive guests. We’re talking about members of Les Savy Fav, Caribou, The Wrens, The Dismemberment Plan, Chrome Cranks, Cat Power, and Hole. Zowee! Edsel played shows with Brainiac back in the middle ages, when bands toured by horseback, trading songs for a goblet of mead and a palmful of wool. We were quite taken with those Ohioans and their wily ways. So much so we penned a yell-along in their honor on our Detroit Folly LP — the same year we covered Tom Petty’s “You Got Lucky.” So double RIP for Timmy & Tom. Everyone else, please stay healthy and happy and not too hoppy. Pour me a pilsner, please.