Human Error? Human Delight!

Yes, today, Friday, April 15, 2022 marks the release of our new album, Human Error / Human Delight!

It’s our fifth LP and it has 12 new tunes just waiting to tickle the terminal hair arising from the folliculary cartilage inside your external auditory meatus.

We’ve promised many things about this record and are hoping you can confirm if any or are all true, so please check this list and get back to us…

1. This album corrects emotional miscalculations.
2. This album will make you look better than if you’d had plastic surgery.
3. This album prevents heart disease.
4. This album is all natural, uncaged, and free range.
5. This album is a good source of vitamin D and vitamin B2.
6. This album is a guilt-free experience.
7. This album targets specific pain-points and cures related ailments.
8. This album is healthy alternative to soda.
9. This album has been praised by legendary deejays Alan Freed, Phil Lind, and even Dick Clark.
10. This album will lower your chances of having an accident or being murdered.

You can pick up this handy cure-all on our Bandcamp page or from Ernest Jenning Record Co.

If you are in Europe, we have made arrangements with Geenger Records (much of Europe), Outer Battery (UK & parts of Europe), and Echo Canyon (France), so the shipping won’t be as nutso as us sending it from here.

Also, Northern European friends, Sounds of Subterrania in Hamburg has is available as well.

Have you seen any of the videos we’ve made for this record? Well, cruise on over to our YouTube channel.